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Granny’s Guide to 15 Delicious Ghee Recipes


Ghee has quickly become one of our best ingredients to use in any kind of baking and cooking. It has lots of healthy fats, and tastes great! You might not have tried ghee yet, but today we what we bring to your table will definitely make you try them. Here is our Granny’s guide to using Ghee in Recipes, 15 Delicious Ideas and Recipes

What does ghee do?

Clear butter is all that is ghee . The milk proteins and milk solids are taken out of butter when it is cooked. Ghee is an important part of traditional Indian food and Ayurvedic medicine. It’s also full of healthy fats that can lower your risk of heart disease, help your stomach, and keep you at a healthy weight.

Our suggestion is to use organic, grass-fed cows to make ghee at home; it’s easy and much cheaper than buying it in stores.
It’s time to cook with your ghee now that it’s ready!

Okay, let’s go into Granny’s kitchen and use ghee to make some tasty food recipes! Our method is as follows:

1. Ghee Roasted Veggies:

Let’s start by getting some fresh vegetables from the yard. Carrots, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts are some of Granny’s favorite foods. Put some melted butter on them, salt and pepper them, and cook them until they’re golden and crispy.

2. Buttery Ghee Popcorn:

Now it’s time for a snack for movie night! A big pot with a lot of ghee and popcorn kernels will make a great snack. Add your favorite spices. For example, Granny likes garlic powder and nutritional yeast. Then dig in!

3. Rice Pilaf with Ghee:

Make a ghee-infused rice pilaf for a fancy side dish that will wow your guests. Cook the rice in a mixture of ghee and water. Add raisins, toasted nuts, and a pinch of saffron to make it look fancy.

4. Ghee-fried Eggs:

Ghee-fried eggs for breakfast are a great way to start the day. Fry some oil in a pan, add the eggs, and cook them until they’re sunny side up or over-easy. For a breakfast that will stick to your ribs, serve them with toast and crispy bacon.

5. Ghee-laced Pancakes:

What could be better than a plate of delicious pancakes covered with butter? What about a plate of delicious pancakes covered in ghee? Making your favorite pancake batter is easy. To make it even better, add a spoonful of butter.

6. Ghee-soaked Garlic Bread:

You can’t have pasta for dinner without garlic bread on the side. Apply melted butter and chopped garlic to crispy bread slices and then toast them in the oven. This will make your garlic bread even better. You’ll never go back to plain butter again, trust Granny.

7. Ghee-roasted Chicken:

Roasting a whole chicken in ghee is a great way to get the whole family together for Sunday dinner. Mix melted butter, garlic, lemon juice, and herbs together, and then rub them all over the chicken. Roast the chicken in the oven until the outside is golden and crispy and the inside is soft and juicy.

8. Ghee-spiced Dal:

A bowl of rich dal is the best way to warm up. Prepare the spices for your best dal recipe by cooking them in ghee first. This will make the dish taste better. The ghee will help the spices grow, which will give your dal deep, complicated flavors.

9. Ghee-topped Baked Potatoes:

A traditional comfort food is baked potatoes. Putting ghee on top of them makes them taste even better. Open up a hot baked potato, use a fork to open up the inside, and then put a big spoonful of ghee in the middle. Add pepper and salt, and then eat!

10. The oatmeal with Ghee:

Start the day with a bowl of grains mixed with butter. It will fill you up. You can make your oats taste better and creamier by adding a little milk and butter when you cook them. What you put on top is up to you. Granny likes honey and banana slices.

11. Carrots Glazed in Ghee:

For a side dish that looks good and tastes great, top some carrots with butter. Cut up some carrots and mix them with honey and melted ghee. Then, roast them in the oven until they’re soft and caramelized. Add chopped parsley for some col

12. Corn on the Cob with Ghee Butter:

Ghee is the best way to enjoy sweet corn when it’s in season. Either boil or cook the corn on the cob until it is soft. After that, add a lot of ghee and salt and pepper to taste. It’s simple and yummy.

13. Mashed sweet potatoes with extra ghee:

When you cook sweet potatoes, adding ghee will make them taste even better. Add a splash of milk, a big spoonful of ghee, and a pinch of cinnamon when the sweet potatoes are soft. Mix the potatoes. Trust me; you’ll never want plain mashed sweet potatoes again

Did you know ghee is as good for your skin as it is for your health. Find out more below.

14. Caramelized onions in ghee:

Caramelized onions are the best way to improve the taste of food. Slowly cook sliced onions in a little ghee until they turn golden brown and taste very sweet. You can put them on burgers, pies, or grilled cheese to make them taste even better.

15. Ghee-scented chocolate chip cookies

Ghee-scented chocolate chip cookies are a yummy twist on a classic. Because they have ghee in them, they smell and taste like rich butter. It smells great with the sweet chocolate chips and ghee. They make the kitchen smell great when they’re baking, which makes you want to eat them right away. They’re great for any time you want a warm treat because they’re crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.


Granny’s guide to using ghee in Recipes, 15 Delicious Ideas and Recipes With the magic of ghee, these are some really tasty meals from Granny’s kitchen. When you cook, ghee will make the food taste even better. For cooking, you can fry, bake, roast, or boil in it. Get some ghee and start cooking when you want some good old comfort food. Do not doubt Granny; it will taste good to you.


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