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Granny’s Herbal Remedies That Increase Children’s Appetites:

“Jason!” “come! the dinner is ready”.
“No Mom I’m not hungry”
“But it’s your favorite dinner tonight”. I made Fish and chips, just for you.” “Maybe later mom.” Does this sound any familiar? if yes then welcome to parenthood. The struggle is real, the same every day day after day? so what do you do? What to do when your kid just won’t have it?Well for one don’t panic, because from our granny’s treasure box we have got for you Granny’s herbal remedies that increase children’s appetites

Understand the problem:

So, let’s dive deep into our Granny’s herbal remedies for increasing children’s appetite.


Hang on!

Before we get to the solution, Get the problem!

We want you to understand the underlying causes that may contribute to low appetite in children.

So let’s get started!

Common Causes of Poor Appetite in Children:

As a parent, you should be aware of what causes poor appetite in children. Because If you understand the cause, you can treat it effectively.

Picky and selective eaters:

Picky eating or as better known today selective eating is when your child has strong preferences for certain foods. he only prefers to eat certain tastes, textures, or even colors of foods over others. It can be frustrating sometimes when he doesn’t like what he is going to eat because he doesn’t want to eat. This affects his appetite.


So, constipation is another common cause of low appetite in children. Constipation can happen due to various reasons, like if they eat a low-fiber diet, if the intake of fluid is inadequate. In addition to this. if your child has certain medical conditions or they are on certain medication they may be going through constipation, you may need to consult your nearest pediatrician for this. because your child may be feel uncomfortable eating during this condition affecting their appetite.

Illness or oral Infection:

You know when children are suffering from fever, oral infection or any other illness; their body is fighting against germs, so they don’t find food as appealing. Therefore they avoid eating.

Medication Side Effects:

Sometimes, when your kids are taking medicines, they feel less hungry for that reason. But it is a temporary loss of appetite, so when they stop taking medicine they may feel an increase in their appetites.

Emotional or Psychological Factors:

Just like adults, kids also feel emotionally down. It may be depression, anxiety, or stress. That’s why they don’t take an interest in eating properly. When you find that your child a bit low or sad please do investigate the issue as soon as you can and intervene accordingly.

Lack of Physical Activity:

In addition to emotional factors, lack of physical activity can also play a significant role in a child’s decreasing appetite. When your kid plays, he uses energy, So he feels hungry. But if he isn’t involved in any sort of physical activities or doesn’t get enough playtime, his body doesn’t need much energy since it is not consuming any energy. So he has a low appetite.

Dietary Factors:

Most parents focus on making children eat their food but don’t know how nutritious the food being given actually is. So it it is very important to know and understand the nutritious values of food that we give to our children. Because it is a known fact that too much-processed food messes up children’s appetite. Therefor they take less interested in their daily meals.

Environmental Factors:

If your child is watching TV, mobile, or playing with his favorite toys, he would be distracted and would not show any interest in eating well.

Routine Changes:

The change in the routine of your kid also affects his appetite. If you have moved to a new place or your kid has just started school, this will affect his eating habits. It will take time to adjust for your kid.

Tummy problems:

Some health issues, especially tummy troubles, make their eating uncomfortable. This reduces their appetite over time.

Poor Sleep:

If your kid is not getting enough sleep, this will disturb his hunger hormones. It will result in a loss of appetite in your child.

Granny’s Herbal Remedies That Increase Children’s Appetites:

Now that we know what is contributing to a low appetite , we can use some of our Granny’s easy and time tested remedies to increase it. Let us remind you that these remedies are not only safe but are also gentle on children’s delicate appetite.

Let’s dive into Granny’s herbal remedies which are specifically designed to increase children’s appetite.

How to increase appetite in kids?

Following are some of the herbs and how to use them to increase the appetite of your child. Most of these remedies are to be made in water for better results.

1. Ajwain(Carom seeds)

Add a quarter teaspoon of ground Ajwain (Carom seeds) to a glass of lukewarm water and have the child drink it. Drinking this three to four times a week will increase the child’s appetite as ground Ajwain (Carom seeds) work as anti-flatulence.

2. Saunf (Fennel):

Semi-ripened the fennel on a flat pan(tawa). After that, mix the sugar in it to make stuff (powder). The children will enjoy eating it.

3. Mint:

Mix half a teaspoon of peppermint juice in a glass of water. Children can drink it at any time of the day. This super juice will increase the appetite of your little one making him eagerly eat healthy home-made food more often.

4. Alfalfa:

Extract the juice of the alfalfa herb. Take a quarter teaspoon of this juice and add it to a glass of water. This drink is to be taken daily before breakfast.

5. Haldi(Turmeric):

Take a piece of bread and sprinkle a pinch of haldi on it with your finger. Children like sweets, so if you can put honey on it, otherwise use sugar. Children may take this toast for breakfast for a week to increase their appetite.

6. Banana:

Mash two to three Bananas with a spoon and feed them to children daily, if your children like to drink milk, feed them half an hour before giving milk. This will also remove the lack of appetite improve their diet.

For additional reading on Bananas do read this:

7. Elaichi(Cardamom):

  • Cardamom Milk:

Add a pinch of ground cardamom to a glass of warm milk. This can be a soothing and appetizing drink for children, especially before bedtime.

  • Cardamom Tea:

You can also make a mild cardamom tea by steeping crushed cardamom pods in hot water for a few minutes. In addition to that can also sweeten it with a little honey if needed. This tea works best before meals to stimulate appetite.

8. Amla (Gooseberry):

  • Amla Juice:

Prepare fresh juice by blending Amla (Gooseberry)with a little water. You can add a touch of honey or a natural sweetener to make it more palatable for children. Serve this juice in small quantities.

9. Imli(Tamarind):

Make a refreshing tamarind drink by soaking tamarind pulp in water and then straining it to remove the seeds and fibers. You can sweeten the tamarind water with a little honey or sugar, and serve it chilled as a refreshing drink before meals.

10. Ginger Tea:

Prepare a mild ginger tea by steeping fresh ginger slices or grated ginger in hot water for a few minutes. You can also add a touch of honey or lemon for enhanced flavor. Serve this tea warm before meals to help stimulate appetite.

11. Lime:

Squeeze fresh lime juice into a glass of water and add a touch of honey or a natural sweetener. Serve this refreshing lime water before meals to stimulate appetite and aid in digestion.

12. Tulsi:

Make a soothing tulsi tea by steeping fresh or dried tulsi leaves in hot water for a few minutes. You can add honey or lemon to enhance the flavor.

13. Cinnamon Tea:

Prepare a mild cinnamon tea by steeping a cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon in hot water for a few minutes. You can sweeten it with honey or a natural sweetener.

These refreshing teas and drinks will help stimulate your appetite making them fall in love with what they eat.

Tips for Incorporating Herbal Remedies into Children’s Diet:

Let’s discuss some practical tips on how to incorporate these remedies into your child’s diet.

Start with small quantities and observe their response before increasing the dosage.

Blend them in different foods:

Blend them in food the above materials within foods that you want them to eat. You can also put herbal ingredients like ginger, cardamom, or cinnamon into smoothies, yogurt, or soups. This not only adds flavor but also enhances nutritional value and your kid will enjoy it.

You can blend them in snacks such as fennel seed crackers, gingerbread cookies, or mint-infused fruit salads. These snacks not only taste delicious but also promote appetite.

Other Great Ideas:

Moving on with Granny’s herbal remedies that increase children’s appetites lets explore some other great ideas too that may force your child’s taste buds to enjoy food.

● Create a positive mealtime environment for your children. It will engage them to eat meals properly

● Keep distractions minimal, like TV or phones.

● Use colorful plates and fun shapes to make meals inviting.

● Offer a variety of foods for balanced nutrition.

● Include fruits, veggies, whole grains, and proteins.

● Stick to a consistent meal schedule for healthy eating habits.

● Encourage physical activity for a healthy appetite.

● Outdoor play and active games are great.

● Support emotional well-being for overall wellness.


  1. If there are any adverse reactions or sensitivities, adjust the dosage or switch to milder options
  2. consult your nearest physician if you notice any issues.
  3. Safety Considerations and Precautions
  4. Make sure to choose high-quality herbs from trusted sources.


These benefits our granny has highlighted make herbs an essential element of our kitchen. They stimulate appetite and make meals more enjoyable for our kids. Sometimes, even when your kids seem hungry, they might refuse to eat. This refusal could be due to disturbed mood, preference, or maybe just a phase he is going through. You need to be patient and should offer a variety of nutritious options. we hope that our Granny’s herbal remedies that Increase children’s appetites has been a fun and informative reading along with being a source of a little help.


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