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Granny’s Tips to Say Good Bye To Lizards

Does the site of lizards in your home make you squeamish! Well fear not; because our granny is here with some great tips get rid of them forever.

Did you know that the common home lizard is also called the cicak.   Their droppings and eggs are dangerous and harmful because they carry a lot of germs, including Salmonella. 

Before going on any further about getting rid of lizards, let’s find out some interesting facts about them.

Did you know the most common species of lizards?

Here they are:


Gecko and

Cicak Tokek:

Firstly there is a lizard spicy that is only native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. It is known as the Tokay Gecko or cicak tokek. The original habitat of this lizard is in the tropical rainforest. As there is humid weather and the lizards like to climb tall trees.

 This species is sold for up to thousands of dollars as it is famous for the high price that it holds. Even though its medicinal properties have not yet been fully explored, its salivary enzymes are thought to hold the cure for cancer, influenza H1N1 and AIDS, cancer, and Influenza.  

The wild gecko:

The cicak kobeng or wild gecko is considered to be a sub-species of Chameleon. What’s, even more is that it’s tiny and skinny. However, this lizard is famous for being fierce and very quick.

The not so liked house lizard:

These are the very reptiles that are often found roaming around our houses carrying with them tons of diseases.


When you have to run around and get goose bumps at the mere site of lizards. You are known to have Scoliodentosaurophobic the fear of lizards.

Lizards are one of the most common unwanted household creatures. What these common pests do is that they keep the insect population of your house down, so it’s preferred that we only chase them away rather than trying to kill them through some poisoning product.

Lizard Geckos:

Geckos are the lizard species that is found most commonly in our houses. Theses house hold pests are non-venomous and don’t harm humans at all. No matter how many times its proved that lizards actually are harmless, let’s face it: they will still as they are classified as creepy crawlies.

Before resorting to any chemical or natural remedy for your lingering  lizard problem, our granny suggests that  there are some great preventive measures that you can take  to prevent this pest from coming into your homes.  

So lets begin with the great tips!

Tips To Get Rid Of Lizards:

So here are granny’s tried and tested tips to get rid of lizards.

Onion and Garlic Smell:

You can place a half cut onion and some garlic at some most common corners of the house. The onion and garlic smell may drive them far away. further more you may also put them near a small table fan, to blow the smell across the room.

Regularly Air Out all the Cabinets:

Regularly check all the cabinets that are under sinks. Additionally you also need to keep them very dry using some newspapers to line its base. further more you need to change the news papers frequently also. You know this tip is equally effective for preventing wood to rot making your cabinets last longer.

Using Naphthalene Balls:

Keeping some Naphthalene balls may keep these creepy lizards away along with a lot of other bugs. you need to be extra vigilant to place these balls away from your children’s reach so they don’t accidentally swallow them.

Empty Eggshells:

Lizards don’t like the smell of empty eggshells at all. to keep these pests away from your place you can place the eggshells in places around your house where you often see lizards. They’ll keep away from any place that gives off that peculiar eggy aroma.

Using Some Pepper Spray:

You can make some pepper spay your self at home using black pepper.

How To Make The Spray:

Firstly crush black peppers to make powder and add water to the powder. Pepper spray will create a burning sensation on the lizard’s body keeping them away.

Dispose of Leftover Or Any Open Food:

Did you know that cockroaches, ants, termites, cockroaches and smaller insects are Lizard’s favorite food . to avoid their entrance in your home you need to keep food covered all times so that insects don’t gather on it.

Wipe off neatly the dinner table while keeping the lids on all the rubbish bins very tightly closed. Leftover food is the hot spot for ants and flies. More over these insects indirectly attract lizards that thrive on insects. So, before going after lizards, make sure that your house is insect free, the root cause of lizards.

 Seal Off Door, Window And Wall Cracks:

Lizards often come through the smallest of cracks or crevices present in the doors, walls even windows. These cracks may become easy gateways and hideouts for lizards.

In addition to the above steps, you need to seal off all the cracks or crevices with urethane or silicone. Furthermore, seal off the top and bottom of all the doors with the weather stripping. What’s, even more is that this is a great method to prevent other insects from coming into the house. 

You can also install screens on parts of your house where air flows easily. This will give a very neat and clean look along with blocking off all the potential entrances for the creepy lizards.

Your Pet Cats & Lizards:

Did you know: cats are the best insect hunters. Yes, they can hunt all the insects for you while decreasing or minimizing the lizard population of your house. Evidence shows that lizards carry parasites known as liver flukes, with that are extremely harmful to cats. These parasites may cause liver inflammation even potential death.

So don’t completely rely on your pet cats while preventing them from approaching lizards, instead use our house hold tips to get rid of these creatures.

Shallots The Natural Repellent:

Shallots are natural and eco-friendly lizard repellent. what you can do is grind or cut some shallots while placing them around the house where lizards like to roam more frequently. Furthermore, things such as the sulfur content, eggshells, and the smell shallots have will naturally repel off lizards from your house. in addition to this, you can also use some garlic.

Citronella spray:

If you want to live in a nice smelling house that is also lizard free then use a citronella spray. Citronella (serai wangi in Malay) is a popular aromatic lemongrass. It is very similar to the cooking lemongrass but only it is inedible with a stronger smell . The strong scent of citronella has proven to be very effective at repelling lizards.

Lemon And Chilli Powder With Vinegar:

You know what if there are such things that lizards really hate than the smell of lemon and vinegar have to be it. where as chilli powder works superbly as it causes skin, eyes and nose irritation. Furthermore, you can also create your very own vinegar, lemon, and chili powder spray. Spray the mixture to keep off lizards from all the surfaces. Here’s how you make the spray

Make That Mixture:

Mix some black pepper and chilli powder together.

Add some vinegar and water to it and stir the mixture thoroughly.

Now you may pour all the mixture in a spraying bottle and shake it very well before using it.

Finally spray the content onto the surface that is lizard-infested.


When having difficulty locating a citronella spray, lemongrass stalks can be used instead. There are a good number of evidence that have proved the effectiveness of lemongrass as a mosquito repellent. Since mosquitoes are a favorite Lizards food thus, by minimizing the number of mosquitoes in the house, you can also decrease the lizard population.


You can take some lemon grass stalks and shred them while placing them around the house. Moreover the use of lemongrass essential oil can produce the same effects.

Tobacco And Coffee:

When all else fails, kill the creepy lizards with some loose tobacco and good old coffee powder! Let’s show you how:


Lets mix our loose tobacco and coffee powder shaping them into some very tiny balls.

Now lets take some toothpicks and stick the balls on their tips.

Place these tobacco balled toothpicks around where lizards roam around freely. The aroma that this great mixture carries will attract the roaming reptiles.

Since tobacco is known to be poisonous for our lizard reptiles it will definitely kill them.

The Great Lizard Repellent Spray:

The sprays that work as Lizard repellent may be found at your common supermarkets and sundry shops. Spray into areas where these lizards commonly appear. Further more the spray is used most often to deter lizards off from coming into the house. You know what is even better? it is that there are electronic repellents also available to ward off the lizards.

Rat Glue:

You can make your very own Do It Your self lizard trap by simply using some rat glue. Just take some pieces of paper or boxes. You can apply the glue on the surface. Further more put these DIY traps in the areas where the reptiles are known to roam. You can also hang these traps on the walls and ceilings. As soon as your prey is caught quickly dispose off the traps to ward off the dead lizard stench from spreading across your house.

How To Clean Up The Droppings?

You need to worry not, because we have a very effective way to get rid of all those lizard droppings. 

Here’s how?

We need 1/3 glass of vinegar

Take 1/3 glass of water

Add 1/3 spoon dish-washing liquid

Now mix all these ingredients. Don’t forget to spray this solution at all the lizards hiding places including behind those frames along with other such hidden areas. in addition to lizards this is also an effective method to get rid of the sneaky ants.

To Sum It Up:

So you see there are many ways to keep the reptiles from entering your house and making it messy and smelly. The bonus here is that when you use any of these products you’l also be getting rid of other pests like ants and roaches etc.

so do try one of these natural tips and let us know how effective it was.

Best of Luck! happy getting rid of the lizards!

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  1. Very intriguing recipes and ideas for repelling the most annoying reptile ever. Will definitely execute these amazing remedies. Great compilation????!

  2. Very informative. Thanks for sharing a lot of options. I would like to try the garlic, onion and empty egg shells because it is organic and easy to find in the kitchen. ????

    1. Yes the egg shell is my personal favorite too and it does help as i decorate thoes egg shells with paint even and hang them arund my house so that lizards stay away and its vestry effective.

  3. Wow! We don’t typically have lizard issues in the northeast US, but we’re dealing with fruit flies lately, and I love trying natural remedies. Great tips!

    1. O good to know. let me consult granny about some good remedies for those flies and will post an article on that too. 🙂

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