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The Ill Single Parent: What To Do When You Are Alone?

Have you ever wondered what happens when a single parent gets ill? Who looks after the children? Who maintains their much-needed Hygiene, especially during these social distancing-based times? (If the child cant look after themselves).

Well, the simplest answer is simple. It’s the parent, him or herself! However difficult it may seem, however hard it may get, the parent has to do it themselves.

There comes a time when a single parent needs to be looked after due to ill health. Parents can not just leave their kids to just anybody. On the first try, arrange your parent, sibling or a near friend or the other parent for this job. A stranger can never be trusted with either children or the house.

It is difficult and tiring and with you as a sick parent. Furthermore, you may even be vulnerable to catch or even spread your condition. Thus it becomes even more worries some when you can not get house help. Not that your children will not allow it. If you are a single parent or have ever experienced such a situation, you know that your children may need you more now, particularly when you seem unfit to care for them because you seem to give a lot less of you to them now for obvious reasons.

So how actually is it going to work when you are sick?

Who will look after your precious gems when you are in intensive care?

Call in a Trusted Help.

If you are severely ill and need medical attention or have to be hospitalized, you need house help. Either call in a trusted aid like a parent, sibling, or friend. Or you drop the kids off at the places of your aids. Whichever you decide to do. Please do make sure to carry out the following necessary steps for your’s and your child’s safety:

Comfortable For Kids And Care Taker:

Whoever the kids are being left with, in the absence of a parent, they should feel comfortable and secure with that person!

The person looking after your kids has to be a person our children and we trust. Our kids also have been to be very comfortable with that person. Otherwise, this situation may become uncomfortable for both the kids and the caretaker.

Keep In Touch At All Times:

Please be very certain that your caregiver remains in touch with you all the time. Additionally, try to be in close contact, like a call away or a text away from your children. So that in case of any emergency or problem you can reach them and they can approach you as well.

Awareness And Mental Preparation:

Your children have to be well aware of as much as possible of what you decide. Furthermore, they have to be mentally prepared for the situation. So wherever you have decided to leave your children, please make sure they are well aware of where they are going or with whom you are leaving them.

Inform The Care Giver:

Parents may inform the caregiver about certain things. Our care giver should know about any food allergies or other medical issues/ conditions that our child may be facing. This avoids unnecessary mishaps and keeps things going smoothly.

It can be ensured that whoever is with your kids in your absence is also familiar with your kids. Furthermore, they have a friendly attitude with your kids and look after them while you are away.

Scheduling For Children:

Moreover your kids may alsobeing a part of scheduling.

Ill single parent: Take Care Of Your Kids

So we discussed about the things that one can do in a dire situation. But what to do, in case the parent chooses not to be hospitalized and wants to look after the children at home? What precautions should you take? How can you manage things to make it more comfortable for both you and your children?
Well I don’t know about you but here are some very helpful tips that i think may make your life much easier.

  • An online consultation can be arranged with the physician and have medications delivered from an online pharmacy.
  • Explain to your children about your condition. in addition to this, whatever is happening with you and its management plan may be discussed with children. So the children are well prepared to take care of the parent.
  • Medicines, foods, and sleep may be taken on time and regularly.
  • Ensure to provide enough activities to keep children occupied and engaged as much as possible.
  • Grocery shopping can be done online. Or a trusted friend or family member may run the outside errands.

These are the precautions one needs to take when living alone with kids and faced with an illness.

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